January 18, 2018


Let Troye Sivan Get on Your 'Good Side' With His New Song: Listen

One week ago, Australian pop singer Troye Sivan dropped his highly-anticipated new single “My, My, My” after a period of being surprisingly quiet, and fans were left wanting more...but only because what he gave them was so great. Today, he’s made his dedicated followers happy once again with a new song, only this time, he’s taken things in a different direction.

“The Good Side” keeps the new music flowing from Sivan, who is trying some new things on his sophomore full-length and upping his game when it comes to songwriting. The tune relies on acoustic guitar and perfectly-penned lyrics, as opposed to lush electro-pop production like on “My, My, My” and previous hits like “Wild” and “Youth.” It’s rewarding to see someone like the 22-year-old grow into a musician who doesn’t need the high-octane music to carry a song, and he does his talent justice on this latest cut.

The just-released “The Good Side” is not slated to be a single, and at the moment, it’s just getting people even more excited for his upcoming new record. While a title and release date haven't been shared just yet, the collection will reportedly be out this spring. Now that a pair of tracks have been shared, there's a good chance it might not be long before he unveils his latest full-length project, and hopefully, there are more songs like "The Good Side" featured on it.

Sivan is set to take to the stage this weekend as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, where he’ll most likely bring out both “My, My, My” and “The Good Side,” and the two performances should hopefully introduce him to millions of Americans who might not otherwise be familiar with the young artist.

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