January 23, 2018


Zedd Borrows From Past Hits for New Maren Morris-Assisted Single 'The Middle': Listen

Zedd has been on something of a winning streak lately with singles that feature a number of high-profile vocalists, and he’s looking to continue the success with his latest release, “The Middle,” which came out this morning.

This time around, Zedd partnered with his frequent collaborators Grey and a very unlikely singer, especially considering the genres he primarily works in. Country superstar Maren Morris has stepped in to supply vocals for “The Middle,” and she does so perfectly, never hinting for a moment that she’s better known for music that typically comes with a twang.

The tune leans a lot more pop than electro, which should help its chances when it comes to mass adoption and rising the charts. The producers on the track (both Zedd and Grey) bring elements of songs they’ve worked on before to this new collab, and it sounds like a slightly reductive mix of both the former’s “Stay” and the latter’s “Starving,” which Zedd also featured on. Of all the styles and influences that have returned, “Stay” co-writer Sarah Aaron’s talent is perhaps the most prominent, and it’s impossible not to hear her style on this track.

While not entirely original, “The Middle” is sure to please radio programmers and general Top 40 fans who have been waiting for an easy-to-love electronic smash, and it’s not difficult to imagine that this will become a big success for all three artists involved. It's catchy and fun, if a bit too reminiscent of what the musicians have delivered before.

Zedd hasn’t announced a new album yet (though his non-existent full-length does appear on Fuse’s most anticipated list), but with half a dozen singles out since his last proper collection was released in 2015, it’s about time he finished what he’s working on and shared it with the world, instead of doling it out one cut at a time!

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