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13 Classic 'All That' Skits That Will Make You Wish For a Reboot

The OG 'All That' crew recently reunited for an upcoming 'Wild 'N Out' episode, which has us reminiscing about the iconic '90s sketch comedy series

The internet lost its mind over the weekend when some of the core cast members of All That—Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg and Josh Server—reunited to make an appearance on an upcoming episode of MTV's Wild 'N Out. It's been years since we've seen the actors from the classic Nickelodeon sketch show back together again, and having them as guests on Nick Cannon's show (who was also part of All That and is now the chairman of Teen Nick) made it that much sweeter. A few of the cast members previously reunited at Comic Con in 2015. That same year, Mitchell and Thompson had a hilariously nostalgic Good Burger reunion on The Tonight Show.

All That set the standard for kids' television back in the '90s, as it took elements from Saturday Night Live and Mad TV and refreshed the concepts to make them more teen-friendly. The show ran for ten seasons from April 16, 1994 to October 22, 2005 and brought us endless laughs. Click through for our list of some of All That's best skits that will have diehard fans of the show longing for reunion. What do you say, Nickelodeon!

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"Good Burger"

"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?" Almost every kid in the '90s could recite the memorable lines from this sketch starring Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson. The silliness of Ed (Mitchell) and the character's tangible on-screen chemistry later led to a full-length movie of the same name in 1997.

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"Everyday French with Pierre Escargot"

Everyday French was the perfect way to show of Kenan Thompson's innate comedic timing, which later blossomed into a senior spot on Saturday Night Live. This sketch was so stereotypical, from Kenan's laugh to his overtly French name and even the accordion playing in the beginning.

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"Vital Information"

"Vital Information" was All That's answer to SNL's "Weekend Update," and Lori Beth Denberg was the best cast member to choose as the host. Her sarcasm was spot-on and her comedic timing rivaled those who already had a few years of experience under their belt. Danny Tamberelli took over when she left the show in 1998, but nothing compared to Denberg shelling out all the information we really needed in life.

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"Ask Ashley"

"Dear Ashley...THATSSSS MEEEEE!!" Amanda Bynes may have been the youngest member of All That at the time, but she was definitely one of the most unforgettable! The actress caught fans' attention with "Ask Ashley," where she transformed from a sweet little girl to a raging, fed up riot who couldn't stand readers' stupid questions in the matter of seconds.

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Kel Mitchell totally nailed his character as "Repair-man-man-man-man," who somehow thought the best way to fix things is to completely destroy them. He usually came swooping in by clumsily falling from the ceiling or barging through a wall, before he attempted to do his job.

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"The Inconvenience Store"

Nick Cannon and Kenan Thompson nailed as the outrageous, extra as hell ghetto fabolous pair who ran the "Inconvenience Store." From their long-as-ruler fake nails to their pastel lipstick and shiny wigs, these characters were loud, rude and still one of our favorites from the show.

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"Detective Dan"

Josh Server was another fan favorite of All That, thanks to skits like "Detective Dan." He played a parody of Dick Tracy as he put a hilarious spin on Hollywood's old-school portrayal of detectives. But in the end, he really didn't solve anything!

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"Loud Librarian"

Lori Beth Dinberg's character may have been named Mrs. Hushbaum, but man was she OBNOXIOUS!! She would constantly yell, eat her food loudly and crack her knuckles to disrupt the peace and quiet of the library. It was such a mess!

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Kenan Thompson played Ishboo, a foreign exchange student who didn't understand American customs. The end result was very goofy and the witty jokes probably wouldn't fly in this current climate. But the question remains, what country was Ishboo from anyway?!

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"Walter the Ear Boy"

"Walter the Earboy" was a brilliantly comedic spin on classic sitcoms, as he and his friend Pizza Face (Kel Mitchell) tried to find their way through junior high school since they didn't think they fit into any groups.

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"The Adventures of Superdude"

This play on Superman was just so wacky! Kenan Thompson put on his tightest undies and biggest capes to save his community. But what was his kryptonite? Milk! Superdude was lactose intolerant, which is so millenial.

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"Know Your Stars"

This sketch from All That should have gotten more love, as it featured some of our favorite celebrity special guests (like Britney Spears) show off their comedic side. From the dramatic narrator's voice to the ridiculously absurd facts, "Know Your Stars" honestly could've been its own online series in this digital age. 

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"Mavis & Clavis"

"Mavis and Clavis" was loved for its display of Kenan and Kel's undeniable chemistry both as friends and actors, as the two played elderly folks who were committed to bothering people. And their rendition of "Shout" was incredible!

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