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13 Naughty Ty Dolla $ign Lyrics to Inspire Your Next Late-Night Bedroom Session

The singer definitely is a freak in the sheets!

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"Zaddy" (2016)

"Think she ain't got on no panties
She keep on callin' me zaddy
I eat it, I eat it, I beat it, I fuck her
She ask me why Dolla so nasty"

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"Straight Up" (2015)

"And what you need is you a real one, a real one
Let you go out with your day one's
Without the holler and screaming
Just have you hollering, moaning
In the morning, wake your ass up so we can do it again"

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"Droptop in the Rain" (2017)

"I know you love it, I know you love it
Kissin' and touchin', when we in public
I know you love it
That p-ssy feels like
Droptop in the rain, woah, woah"

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"Hello" (2016)

"Love spending on it
Get it every morning
Right before I'm yawning
She gon' put it on me"

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"Missionary" (2014)

"Got your legs on my shoulders
I rev it like the motor
Back and forth
Looking in your eyes
Then you tell me that you love it
But you know we ain't making love, we just fucking
Still tell me that you love me
But you know we ain't making love, we just fucking..."

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"R&B" (2016)

"Once again, your man left you all alone tonight
Send me thirst trap pics to my phone tonight
If he knew what we were doing you’d get smoke tonight
Name your favorite place and we gon' go tonight"

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"Bring It Out of Me" (2015)

"I'm just a freak and I can't help it
Bring your girlfriend don't be selfish
Tonight is what we make it
You bring it out of me"

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"All the Time" (2017)

"Got you doin' things you said you never would, would, would
Call you late at night, I ain't no good, good, good
Pull up, eat that p-ssy, that's a p-ssy diet (diet)
Most these n-ggas pussy, they won't try it"

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"Pu$$y" (2016)

"Whose is it, huh?
Tell me whose is it, hey
Who else put it on you
Have you leaking like a lake?
I'm the one you call when them other n-ggas play
Cause at the end of the day"

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"When I See Ya" (2015)

"You said that sorry ass n-gga ain't hit it right
I came through, I fucked all on you, had you feelin' right"

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"Actress" (2015)

"The director in this bitch, blockbuster in this bitch
Sex producer, lights, camera, action in this bitch
We all off in this bitch, and I'm all off in that ass
I'm way past the speed limit, yeah I'm driving it fast
Somethin' out of a magazine she belong on TV
She remind me of a pornstar the way she put it on me"

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"Know Y I Came" (2012)

"I told her put it on my face
She told me tell me how it taste
I said good, I said good
She said daddy, come hit it
But that didn't sound right
First I get my d-ck sucked
Then hit her from the back right"

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"R&B" (2016)

"Now when I get that text, you coming over, right?
I just hop out in that Porsche and go in over drive
Like our sex when we play, 'Bump N Grind' on replay
But I lose my mind in that thing, I lose my mind in that thing yeah
And I just made a playlist
Filled with all your favorites
Yeah, let's wake up all the neighbors
I wanna hear you loud, yeah
That Ginuwine, that Missy, Aaliyah
Beyoncé, I'ma throw on Kells, or 112
Or Trigga, or Breezy"

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