February 21, 2018


BoA Reminds Us Why She's a K-Pop Queen With 'One Shot, Two Shot': Watch

Being in K-pop for the long run is a tough game and most are lucky to flourish for five years in the business. Yet while approaching her 18th year in the industry, BoA continues to prove why she can still command the scene with her latest album One Shot, Two Shot.

The title track and lead single sees the singer-songwriter embracing a snappy, U.K. house–inspired sound (not unlike past releases by her label mates SHINee and f(x)) to show an artist who typically embraced pop and R&B sounds through her career still has some sonic tricks up her sleeve and continues to try out new concepts like the best K-pop acts. BoA's sweet and powerful vocal delivery is still kept intact as she takes a chance on having some fun with a potential lover.

The accompanying video sees BoA as the dancing machine K-pop fans have known her as for years, continuing her legacy as a top performer while she conducts a dance battle with a curious male co-star. 

In the lead up to her One Shot, Two Shot album, BoA also showcased her dance skills and experimented with new genres in videos for the buzz tracks "Nega Dolla" (above) and "Camo" (below) further showing that BoA isn't slowing down, or slowing her creativity, anytime soon.