February 6, 2018


Drake's 'God's Plan' Video Will be His Joyous Victory Lap


2018 has only just begun, but Drake is already celebrating, and why shouldn’t he? The hip-hop star was seen yesterday shooting a video for his new hit single, and everything hints that it’s going to be a joyous occasion.

Most musicians spend a lot of time, money, and effort producing music videos because they’re often useful as promotional tools that can turn a single into a smash. Between the millions of views they may rack up on platforms like YouTube, the publicity they drum up, and the airtime they receive on TV (which isn’t quite as important as it used to be, as networks like MTV don’t play videos as much as they used to), a big-budget clip that catches the eye and begs to be replayed can be a major part of a campaign to rocket a tune up the charts.

The thing is, “God’s Plan” doesn’t have anywhere else to go. The song debuted at No. 1 in the U.S., and it has now been on the throne for a pair of weeks, and it looks like it will hold on for at least another few. So, if it can’t climb any higher, why bother filming a video?

Everything we’ve seen from the set of the “God’s Plan” shoot makes it feel like this is just Drake spreading the wealth and having a great time in the process. He was seen at a Miami-area high school yesterday with his team, and it’s clear they were filming the video for his latest single. Not only did Drake include a crowd of rabid young fans in the to-be-released visual, but he also made a donation to the school as a thank you.

The “God’s Plan” video looks like it will be his most celebratory yet, and it will hopefully be just as exciting as those kids who captured the superstar jumping, lipsyncing, and speaking to the crowd made it seem. The treatment might not be necessary in the most practical sense, but who doesn’t want to take a victory lap, especially when the game has been won so early into playing it? Perhaps giving some high school students the experience of a lifetime is how someone like Drake blows off steam, and making a music video out of the day could just be the byproduct.

As the world (and especially those students who were involved) wait for the "God's Plan" visual to be released, check out fellow hip-hop powerhouse DJ Premier talk about working with stars like ASAP Ferg and even pop icon Christina Aguilera.