February 2, 2018


Justin Timberlake's 'Man of the Woods' Video is Cuter than the Song Deserves: Watch

Justin Timberlake has celebrated the release of his new album Man of the Woods with a new video, his latest in a string of visuals that show the many different sides of the artist himself, his latest full-length, and the many different artistic styles of four different directors.

The clip is the fourth to be released from the pop singer’s new record, and it’s by far the most fun of the bunch...though not the best. The visual that accompanies “Man of the Woods” shows Timberlake at his goofiest, and it’s perfectly silly. Timberlake has previously proven his comedic chops on Saturday Night Live, and comedy seems to come naturally to him, even if "Man of the Woods" is only marginally funny. The special effects really make it seem like the pop star is in the forest among lumberjacks and pioneer folk—a message he’s confusingly tried to push throughout this new era, despite the music primarily sounding like it has no place in the woods.

Real-life wife Jessica Biel joins him for a dance in the trip, and while the entire production is only alright, their chemistry is undeniable, and they're clearly truly in love.

The “Man of the Woods” video doesn’t sell the song so much as a potential hit as it does a misguided attempt to combine JT’s “swagger” with too much flannel. The clip would have been a great Old Navy ad, but it doesn’t really work as a visual meant to propel his latest single (or promotional single, it’s not entirely clear) towards the top of the charts.

“Man of the Woods,” the title track off of Timberlake’s fifth solo record, sounds perfectly like what many expected the full collection would: pop, electronic, and hip-hop elements mashed up with instruments typically used in country, Americana, and rock songs. While it might be in-line with what his promotional video suggested was coming from this phase of his career, that doesn’t mean it’s a welcome, successful production. The song and the video have already been met with mixed reviews, as has the full-length.

“Man of the Woods” follows lead single “Filthy,” as well as subsequent video drops for “Supplies” and “Say Something,” and a quick listen to those four tunes makes it difficult to believe they’re all housed on the same record.

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