February 15, 2018


Machine Gun Kelly Wants to Help You Dump Your Significant Other with His 'The Break Up' Video: Watch

While most people were celebrating the many forms of love in their life yesterday, Machine Gun Kelly was busy dumping his girlfriend...at least he was in his new video.

The hip-hop musician chose Valentine’s Day to release the visual for his new single “The Break Up,” a particularly cold venture. The colorful clip sees the artist calling his female love interest and ending things in an especially ugly fashion—and with some less than respectful language—but it’s supposed to be cool, because, you know, he’s “a player.” The musician and director rely heavily on the brightly-hued set and costumes to keep the viewer watching with the end of the vaguely '90s-themed trip seeing both the musician and his former flame have moved on to other people, and all is...well? Watch above and decide for yourself.

At the same time Machine Gun Kelly dropped his “The Break Up” video, he also launched a new website, 1-800-The Break-Up, which allows viewers to enter a phone number and send a photo with various text phrases, such as “Wanna know a joke? Our relationship” or “Our relationship is like a fat guy - it’s not working out.” They’re corny, but as long as they are only used to mess with friends and significant others (which was hopefully the case), the website is harmless, and it likely ended up being more fun than heartbreaking. And while it would be pretty terrible to actually use the site to dump a loved one, it’s a great tie-in, and it elevates a video that otherwise might have flown under the radar.

“The Break Up” is featured on the deluxe edition of MGK’s most recent album Bloom, which was released last year. Next, check out MGK himself talking to Fuse about performing one of Linkin Park's biggest hits, which couldn't sound less like his new cut.