February 26, 2018


Zendaya Taking 300 Kids to See 'Black Panther' in Her Hometown Will Make You Smile

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images
Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

If you have been living under a rock, Black Panther is been dominating the box office and pretty much the entirety of pop culture. The film's proud representation of the Black community has struck a cord with people everywhere, especially young kids who can finally relate to a superhero who looks like them. 

Celebrities have been paying it forward and renting out theaters so children can watch the movie and Zendaya is the latest to do the good deed. Over the weekend, the actress teamed up with entrepreneur Michael Skolnik to take 300 kids to watch Black Panther in her hometown of Oakland. "Wakanda forever...Oakland forever," the 21-year-old tweeted. "Thank you to all the beautiful young people of my home town for joining me this weekend. You all, much like this movie, are absolutely brilliant #BlackPanther."

But Zendaya isn't stopping there! The Greatest Showman star plans to do the same once Ava DuVernay's anticipated A Wrinkle in Time movie premieres on March 9. A few weeks prior, Kendrick Lamar (who helped curate the Black Panther soundtrack) and TDE hosted a free screening of the film for kids living in housing projects in Los Angeles. Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith bought out five shows in three different theaters the day after its premiere. 

Big Boi, Ellen DeGeneres, Octavia Spencer, Lil Yachty and Offset, NFL players and the Black Panther himself Chadwick Boseman have also bought out theaters. It just continues to show the power the Black Panther story possesses and how its message it goes way beyond the Marvel film. With the flick grossing over $700 million worldwide in its second week alone, it is already making history weighted in positive diversity.

Below, go back in time with this throwback Fuse interview where a 16-year-old Zendaya gives "big sister advice" to fellow teens: