January 18, 2019


WTF Baron Davis Recap: Episodes 1 & 2

Last week marked the premiere of Fuse's new show WTF Baron Davis, and in celebration of the occasion, we aired the first TWO episodes of the show. Throughout the season we'll be recapping the show and seeing what shenanigans the characters get into—today we're recapping both Episode 1 and 2! Spoilers ahead!



The first episode opens on what appears to be a normal day at the Davis household. Brandon “B-Dot” Armstrong storms in ready to make his entrepreneurial dreams a reality only to find Baron working on a wolf puzzle with his next door neighbor Kenny, a tech wizkid living under the thumb of his leech parents. Baron also introduces B-dot toRon, a political strategist whose strategy appears to be eating Baron’s cereal and roasting B-dot. 

We also meet Baron’s team: Andy, an exuberant and enthusiastic business manager who knows absolutely nothing about basketball (and potentially nothing about business) and Zoe, Baron’s ever-unimpressed publicist who’s just trying to pick up her paycheck. 

B-Dot finally has the chance to deliver the pitch for his game-changing product: a mens fragrance called Ball Out (abbreviation: B.O., as in body odor). Needless to say, the pitch is a disaster.

But instead of investing money and resources to B-Dot, Baron offers something else—his mentorship. For any normal person, what amounts to an unpaid internship with a man of questionable business acumen should raise some red flags, but B-dot takes the plunge. Baron decides to show B-dot his vast kingdom of business ventures by taking him to the only venture that’s actually financially profitable: his Cousin Whopper’s “food truck,” which is more like a lean snow cone cart. Perhaps this mentorship isn’t the best idea.

Characters who took Ws: 

  • Cousin Whopper - for his innovative, lean-infused approach to food truck culture
  • Baron - for accidentally bankrolling an illicit codeine empire

Characters who took Ls:

  • Everyone else. Especially B-dot.


The internet can be a dangerous place. There’s folks out here eating tide pods, kids yodeling in the middle of Walmart, Gritty, not to mention the constant firestorm of generally angry people calling out other people or things that simply piss them off. Sure the power to broadcast your opinion to potentially millions can be used for good, but it turns out not everyone on the internet has good intentions (SHOCKING, we know). And that’s exactly where the second episode (and this recap) of WTF Baron Davis kicks off. 

After a video of a distraught mother accusing Baron and B-Dot of calling her pre-teen son fat at a basketball camp goes viral, it’s all hands on deck for Zoe, Baron’s publicist. She tricks Baron and B-Dot and takes them to the angry mother’s house so they can apologize. After realizing that the video could threaten his spot on the upcoming Celebrity Pitch Tank show (and being promised churros and pizza) Baron finally relents and agrees to go in. 

When Baron confronts the viral mom, she explains that her son is so distraught he couldn’t even come out to see Baron and B-Dot. In exchange for the trauma her son has undergone, the mother demands Baron shell out $20,000 for his college fund. When Baron flat out refuses to be shaken down. the woman lays out another demand, leading Baron and B-Dot to her bedroom. Yes this is going where you think it’s going. 

“You can’t shake down the shakedown king." 
-Baron Davis

When the woman demands they have a threesome (that may or may not involve off-brand Sun Chips)  in exchange for taking the video down, Baron and B-Dot take a time out. They decide to split up, with Baron looking for the son to make him admit the truth and B-Dot stalling the woman. While B-Dot unsuccessfully dodges the woman’s sexual advances, Baron goes into little Billy’s room to console the child crying under the covers, only to find there is no Billy at all! Just a pile of Activia yogurt cups and a tape recorder of a child crying playing. 

In the end, Baron gets a mouthful of churros and B-dot? Well his mouth wasn’t so lucky…

Characters who took Ws: 

  • The Angry Mom who wasn’t even a mom 
  • Zoe - for getting that video down

Who took Ls: 

  • B-dot
  • The bag of off-brand Sun Chips