December 24, 2019


Fuse Faves 2019: Our Top Albums of the Year

In a time when playlists reign and listeners interact with music in shorter and shorter clips (thanks TikTok!!), one might think that listening to an entire album by one artist is downright tedious in this day and age. After all a study recently found that 15% of folks under the age of 25 have never listened to a full album. But while the art of the album has changed over the years, this year several artists proved that not only could they hold listeners’ attention for 13 some-odd tracks, but they could truly take listeners on a journey full of dynamic musical and emotional depth. Here are our favorite albums of the year. 

#1-Ugh, those feels again, Snoh Aalegra

The Swedish-Iranian R&B singer came back swinging with her follow up to 2017’s Feels with her take on R&B, an ambitious and effortless sound that somehow feels both vintage and ahead of its time. 

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