February 26, 2019


WTF Baron Davis Episode 7: Putting the Fun in Funeral

Funerals are a trip. Most of the time they bring people together in unexpected ways, forcing people to reconcile with each other and themselves. Most of the time they are a time for reflection and often push people to take stock of their own lives and make sure they’re on the right track. But in the latest episode of WTF Baron Davis, it was yet another opportunity for our titular character to act a fool.

Baron, Zoe, Ron, and a very oblivious Bdot (who is clad in shorts and slides of all outfits) pull up to the funeral of Baron’s own mentor, a man by the name of Big Mojo; an oblivious Bdot is also in tow, embarrassingly clad in shorts and slides—well, until Baron makes him put on an airbrushed shirt commemorating the deceased.

After an awkward interaction with Big Mojo’s own mother, Bdot has an honest heart-to-heart with Zoe, realizing that every real shot at success he’s had has been thwarted by his mentor Baron (sometimes by merely mentioning Baron’s name). Nonetheless, he stands by Baron.

Baron is invited to say a few nice words about his late mentor, inadvertently revealing Big Mojo was less of a mentor and more of a hustler who employed a child-age Baron to scam money out of people. Baron opens the floor up for others to share their memories of Big Mojo, not realizing that most of the attendants are actually angry victims of Big Mojo’s scams, including but not limited to: owing someone $300, stealing his own son’s TV, sleeping with his friend’s ex.

The furious crowd is whipped into a frenzy, yelling at each other and Baron until Bdot of all people steps up to the podium. Bdot unexpectedly gives an encouraging (and potentially foreboding) speech about moving on from toxic friendships and channelling energy into relationships that are important, and upon finishing, he receives a standing ovation (and enthusiastic praise for his casual footwear).

After Bdot ‘saves the day,’ Baron decides to reward him with an invaluable token, representing all the progress he has made despite all his tribulations and his completion of Baron’s mentorship program: a Sacagawea dollar (ok it has a value of one dollar). When Bdot is reasonably miffed that he has literally been short-changed, Baron explains that the coin means that he is finally ready to invest in Ball Out, B-Dot’s fragrance.

You want to be Diddy right? Okay, then stop acting like Fonzworth fucking Bentley and get your shit together.

Who took Ws

Bdot, FINALLY. He really pulled it together. 

Who took Ls

Big Mojo? Technically?

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