David Osmond is reflective when we catch up with the singer-songwriter before he performs his new single, "I Can Do This," on Top 20 Countdown

"Music is powerful. It's a universal language," he says. "It sounds cliché, but it's so true. Music, to me, is what feelings sound like–and I feel a lot towards this cause."

The cause Osmond is referring to is raising awareness about multiple sclerosis and promoting empowerment amongst those living with the disease. The campaign Osmond represents is Our Voice In Song™, which, as Osmond puts it, "is about positivity, overcoming challenges, being your own advocate and being proactive in managing your disease."

Osmond wrote "I Can Do This" as part of the Our Voice In Song™ campaign, and you can watch a video of him performing the song on Top 20 Countdown above!

The song, which can be downloaded for free via the campaign's website, is immediately infectious. An uplifting melody is supported by a rocking backbone, with Osmond's passionate vocals delivering one-liners powerful enough to make anyone feel inspired–whether they're dealing with relapsing MS, or tackling common day-to-day pressures. 

Osmond was diagnosed with MS about nine years ago and he says that at first, he had trouble dealing with it all. "When I came to grips with [my diagnosis], I was kinda just coasting–thinking I was doing everything possible–but then I realized there was a lot more I could be doing."

Inspired by his wife and two daughters to be more proactive in the management of his disease, Osmond is now turning a lot of his attention to encouraging others to do the same. And he's doing it through songs like "I Can Do This."

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In the chorus of the track, Osmond sings, "The day has come / I'm gonna give myself a chance." He explains the significance of that line:

"'I'm gonna give myself a chance.' When I'm struggling, when I have my moments, my daughter will come up to me," he says. 

"She'll say, 'Daddy is that your MS?' And I'll say, 'Yes, it is,' and I can see the tenderness in her eyes even though she doesn't quite understand what's happening. But I do. And so I want to give every opportunity I can to make her wishes come true. So I'm going to give myself a chance to be self-empowered, to be my own advocate."

Watch Osmond's performance of "I Can Do This" above and head to OurVoiceInSong.com to learn more about the campaign.

David Osmond is working with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation as the national spokesperson for the Our Voice in Song™ campaign.