If you're a fan of both video games and music, you've had a lot to be happy about over the last few years. Titles like Rock Band, Guitar Hero and many others have made music a central focus point of gaming, allowing fans to interact with their favorite songs in a terrific new way. Now Disney is adding to that strong lineage with the most interactive music-based video game to date in Fantasia: Music Evolved.

Out on October 21 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the game recalls Disney's classic animated film Fantasia, originally released in 1940. The film's story is known widely by fans, and Fantasia: Music Evolved ups the ante by letting players be a part of the story. Using the Xbox Kinect sensor, players are able to physically control and remix music by waving their arms; they'll unlock goals and help protect the land of Fantasia throughout the game's storyline. 

As players progress through the game, they're given more magical powers to do even crazier stuff with an eclectic soundtrack full of popular current artists. Featuring songs by Bruno MarsAVICIILordeQueen and other top-selling artists, Fantasia: Music Evolved is sure to be a hit amongst music fans. 

The game had a strong presence at this weekend's PAX Prime, a huge gaming convention in Seattle, and Fuse was on hand to cover all the action! Watch the videos above and below for a quick teaser of what you can expect from our coverage in Seattle, as Fuse host Esteban Serrano shows you a little more about Fantasia: Music Evolved and you can even see a few shots of him trying his hand at playing it. 

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