Fuse was on the scene in Seattle this weekend, covering the enormous gaming convention known as Pax Prime. We caught up with a couple of key players in the upcoming game Fantasia: Music Evolved, to discuss how it's innovating the way gamers interact with music. Watch the two videos above and below to get the full scoop!

"Gamers are living the music and they're very vocal about what they think about music, which is really great for us," said Inon Zur, an award-winning composer who lent his talents to Fantasia: Music Evolved. The game lets players perform and reimagine songs from classic artists like Elton John and Jimi Hendrix to modern hit-makers like Lorde and Bruno Mars.

Speaking of Hendrix, Fuse host Esteban Serrano was amazed by the chance to remix his classic song "Fire." The original producer of the song, the legendary Eddie Kramer, created new tracks for "Fire" so that players could completely remix the tune. 

"You wanna change Jimi's voice to a sax? You can," he said. "You make your own mix–I think that's so cool, because Jimi would've really dug that."

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