Music and video games have a long history, from rich original soundtracks (games like the Halo series are known for this) to hand-picked, curated playlists of action-filled tunes (the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series comes to mind). 

But lately, games have used music in bigger ways than ever before, making music the central focus point rather than something taking place in the background. Disney's Fantasia: Music Evolved, which is officially out today, uses music in the boldest way a video game ever has.

Fantasia: Music Evolved turns you into a sorcerer who uses magic to remix and reimagine your favorite songs by using your Xbox Kinect sensor. You'll be waving your arms around in circles in your living room, but it won't be because you're going crazy–it'll be because you're hearing huge pop hits like Lorde's "Royals" and classic tracks like Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" in brand-new ways. 

With all the excitement around the game release, we want to get you ready for it in the best way possible. Check out a playlist below with many of the songs featured in the game, and learn more about Fantasia: Music Evolved on its website!