May 16, 2017


Test Your Skills: Play 'Fluffy's Food Adventures' With Gabriel Iglesias

Eat! Dodge! Jump! Score!
Play the  Fluffy's Food Adventures Game Now!

Fluffy fanatics, rejoice! After following two seasons of Gabriel Iglesias' cross-country food shenanigans, it's time to get hands-on and test your gaming skills with the Fluffy's Food Adventures game available now for iOS and Android.

Featuring six mini games—one for each city that Fluffy and his crew visit this season—these challenging obstacles test your reflexes, timing, and knack for snatching mouth-watering food. Hop on the Fluffy tour bus to D.C., Los Angeles, New Orleans, Harlem, Atlanta and Nashville as Gabe tries to rack up as many of his favorite foods as possible. Be sure to avoid falling broccoli, toppling cakes and sloppy attack modes—or you'll be hearing it from Fluffy himself!

The Challenges 

Washington D.C.: Load up on fast food and avoid the broccoli
Los Angeles: Match your dish with the one on the speedy conveyor belt
New Orleans: Hop from building to building to collect some delicious carbs
Harlem: Stack your cakes high without toppling them
Atlanta: Eat as many pink doughnuts as you can (no chocolate ones!)
Nashville: Perfect your aim by throwing pies at the Fluffy crew

Download the app below, and be sure to recap everything that went down on Fluffy's Food Adventures!