September 28, 2018


Introducing Our New Fuse TV App!

FUSE has all the bounce, music, and laughter you need to get your binge on. By downloading our app, yiee authentic stories with the attitude and lifestyle to match. Check out full episodes of our hit series featuring stars like A$AP Ferg and T-Pain!


What is the Fuse TV App?

The Fuse TV App allows you watch your favorite Fuse programming - full episodes, video extras, behind the scenes clips and more on any device, anytime, anywhere.

How much does it cost to use the Fuse TV App?

The Fuse TV App is totally free to use, so enjoy!

Do I have to sign in to use the Fuse TV App? 

No. Sign-in is linked to your TV provider, and is only required if you want to watch the latest episodes in the app. There is plenty to watch for viewers who choose not to sign-in with a TV provider.

Do I need to have a cable or satellite TV subscription to watch video in the Fuse TV App? 

No. The Fuse TV App has content that is available to anyone for free. However, to access the entire library of programming, you will need to verify your cable TV or satellite TV subscription by using the sign-in option provided in the app.

What if I forgot or don’t have a username and password? 

No worries. Just choose your TV provider from the list, and you'll be taken to their website. Look for a button like "forgot password" and just follow the steps from there.

What if my TV provider is not listed? 

If your TV provider is not listed, don't worry. We're working hard to add more providers in the near future. In the meantime you can still watch several episodes and plenty of content without signing in. You can always contact your provider and ask them to carry FUSE or post a message on their Facebook & Twitter pages.

Where can I watch full episodes if I don’t have a participating TV provider? 

If you don’t have a subscription with a participating TV provider, you can still watch several recent episodes on the Fuse TV App. You only need to sign-in to view the newest episodes.

Many new episodes are also available with a subscription on Amazon Prime Video or for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

On-Demand viewing through a set-top box provider is another way to catch up on recently aired episodes.

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