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Festival Fashion: 15 Hot Looks From SXSW 2013

The trend-setting festival goers of SXSW brought sizzling looks to Austin this week. Flip through shots of our favorite fashionistas!

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DIY Style

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

Yes, those are the "Animaniacs" and yes, this creative gal fashioned her dress out of old bed sheets. Upcycle win!

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Poppin' Accessories

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

The bright orange cap and use of headphones as an accessory really brings this outfit to life. 

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True Blue

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

This combo embraces gorgeous blue and violet hues and makes her bleached blonde hair really pop. Bonus points for the matching pointy nails. 

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Doin' It Right

Shannon Stewart for Fuse
This gorgeous lady's got everything going on. We love her throwback tee, statement sunglasses, curly locks and the bright red lipstick to top it all off. 
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Funky Floral

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

We're really digging this bold and unexpected floral top. The colorful backwards hat brings this look to a higher level. 

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Made in the '90s

These girls look super cute in their high-waisted shorts and cropped tees. Oh, and don't forget the Lisa Frank-esque backpack. 
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Shannon Stewart for Fuse
Who says one color is boring? We love the crayon-red hair and the use of red accents in her shirt and nails.
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Slam Dunk

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

Cool color combos, cuffed pants, punchy backpack, unique boho hat - there's nothing we don't like about this look. 

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Easy, Breezy

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

The loose braid, sheer top and feather give this outfit a flowy, organic feel that's perfect for summer festivals. 

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The Gold Standard

Shannon Stewart for Fuse
Glossy gold was a visible trend at SXSW. We couldn't help but notice this guy with the bag and sneaker combo. 
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I See You

Shannon Stewart for Fuse
Usually black is a no-no in festival weather, but for this pretty peek-a-boo dress, we'll make an exception. 
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Grrreat Style

Shannon Stewart for Fuse
We're into bold patterns and it doesn't get much bolder than this. The cuffed cut-off shorts, round sunglasses and striped shoes help bring the whole look together. 
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Queen of Neon

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

Bright yellow isn't the easiest color to pull off, but this lovely lady is doing it just right. Her necklace, nails and lipstick bring out the accent colors of her dress, subduing the yellow just enough. She's working the retro sunglasses awesomely too!

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To and Fro

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

We love this biker's outfit, but what really makes him stand out is his flat top fade and mustache.

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Modern Western

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

The fringe and boots look right at home in Texas, but the high-waisted shorts and bowler hat make this gal city ready too. 


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