The story of Us The Duo is a pretty remarkable one–Michael and Carissa Alvarado, a husband and wife songwriting act, got their start on Vine and now they've released a record on a major label and been on tour around the country. With over 3 million Vine followers and almost 30 million YouTube views, it's safe to say Us The Duo has seen viral success. 

Michael and Carissa stopped by Trending 10 and talked about what it was like to release their first single, "No Matter Where You Are," which comes from the LP of the same name and is part of The Book Of Life movie soundtrack. The tune is inspired by the couple's own wedding vows. 

"It's a lot of pressure [to release such a personal song], Michael explained. "We played it at our wedding for the first time ever, which is the biggest day of our lives. So if you mess up it's gonna haunt you forever and it's on video. But it went well and our family loved it, they cried–after that, we said, 'Hey, we can do this anywhere.'"

The Alvarados also utilized a unique marketing tactic while doing their Vines early on. They never showed their faces in their short video covers, only unveiling what they really looked like when they were on Good Morning America earlier this year. Hear Carissa explain the full story of how that idea came about in the full interview above!

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