So many great things happened at Voodoo Fest this year. Pearl Jam played about a million hits, Paramore's Hayley Williams came down from rock star outer space and graced us with her presence... and Robert f-cking Smith! We also ate a lot of shrimp and grits.

We could go on and on about our Voodoo memories, but we have more grits to eat. So instead, check out our five favorite moments from the weekend, flavored by Trident Layers.

1. Macklemore's story time. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' hour-long set didn't disappoint Friday night, if not only for their dynamic performance of our favorite gym jam, "Can't Hold Us." But Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) also spent a lot of time on stage telling stories. Like the one about when he landed in New Orleans earlier in the day and was feeling "high on life." So he went down to the water front and took a little skinny dip. The next thing he knew, two guys were stealing his clothes! He was alone and naked in the middle of the ocean until a mysterious old lady came by and told him to follow her to get some new clothes... at the thrift shop. Best song intro ever.

2. Pearl Jam's fans. You guys go hard! Not only was the entire sea of people singing along to almost all 25 (!) songs they performed, but we also caught a bunch of them going crazy on Twitter.

3. The outfits at Afrojack. When the lasers start, the bass kicks in and the EDM DJ hits the stage, all conventional rules about what to put on your body fly out the window. Anything goes. (Specifically, these 42 things.)

4. Kid Rock. Yeah, Kid Rock in general. The dude rules so hard! By the end of the Detroit rocker's tireless Sunday night set, he had even the least patriotic people in the crowd waving a their inner American flag. He might use the f-word about 100 times a song, but he's got a really positive attitude that people should be talking about more often.

5. Hayley Williams' voice. How the 5'2" frontwoman can jump around and sweat and hairbang as much as she does and still belt it like a 60-year-old southern soul singer, we have no idea. It really makes absolutely no sense... in the best kind of way.