Joining the Army can lead to tons of opportunities that many people don't know about–including careers in the music industry. Fuse host Esteban Serrano caught up with Staff Sergeant Brandie Lane, an audio engineer, at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Check out his full interview with her above!

While Lane did her thing recording a performance of the Glee Club, Esteban got her thoughts on how she got into music, why she decided to join the Army, and how her experience has been so far. 

"Joining the Army had always been in the back of mind; I always wondered where I could fit in," Lane explains. "When I found out there were jobs for audio techs, I jumped at the opportunity to learn more and realized it'd be a really nice fit."

Lane continued by noting how multi-faceted her job is; instead of just working in a studio setting, she also gets to work with live sound and expand her horizons as an audio tech. She even got a surprise when she had to teach land navigation training during a basic training course–remember, Lane and her fellow musicians are still soldiers!

"A lot of people don't realize we have to keep up our basic soldier skills," she says of her and the other bandsmen. "We have to maintain our fitness and our military bearing, we're all a part of the same team and we're soldiers too. We're proud to call ourselves soldiers and musicians."

Watch the full interview above from Top 20 Countdown and learn more by visiting the Army's website