September 28, 2012


Christina Aguilera Goes on Murderous Rampage in "Your Body" Video

FYI, Christina Aguilera takes her psychic readings very seriously. When her trusty online fortune teller, Oranum, tells her she's going to have a "killer week," Xtina takes that quite literally. She ditches her trailer in the middle of nowhere to head out on the road to kill some dudes. But according to the video's warning slide, "No men were harmed in the making of this video."

We have to say we're loving the return of sexy, sassy Xtina in "Your Body." The colors and attitude remind us a bit of "Dirrty"-era Christina, and ain't nobody mad at that. The only problem: dudes who pick up hitchhikers are never hot! But I guess we'll let it slide this time.

"Your Body" is the first single off of Christina's upcoming seventh studio album, Lotus. When we caught up with Xtina recently, she told fans to expect an album that's all about "a time of celebration." We can't wait.