September 28, 2012


Exclusive: Go Inside Avicii's Giant Head Onstage at Radio City

Before Avicii became the first DJ to headline a set at Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday night of Fuse Music Week, we had the unique honor of going inside his giant head.

Not Avicii's actual noggin (which is normal-sized, mind you), but the enormous onstage head apparatus he uses as his DJ booth, much like Skrillex's spaceship.

Avicii's head video engineer and tech, Charlie Alves, explains to us how PRG Nocturne turns a blank three-dimensional surface into an astonishing stage prop that seems to move with the same frenetic energy of those dancing in the audience.

"It's a 3D projected head made up of leaves that break apart piece by piece," Alves explains. "Three projections cover the face [during the show] and blend it and warp it to create one continuous image." Those projectors cover the Avicii head in psychedelic tendrils of neon light during his show and do everything from "moving" the mouth to making it seem as if the head is crumbling in front of your eyes.

"The coolest part is that Avicii creates all the images himself," Alves says. "As soon as he picks a song, it plays the video content synced up as he wants it to play."

Watch the video above to experience the inside of Avicii's head for yourself.