September 21, 2012


Ghostface Killah & Sheek Louch Talk New Collabo Wu-Block

Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah and the LOX/D-Block's Sheek Louch stopped by Fuse to discuss Wu-Block, their upcoming collaborative project featuring members of the Wu and LOX.

"I think the streets is gonna love it," said Louch. "We tell everybody on stage every night, 'This is no skinny jean ish. Ghost be calling like, 'Yo Sheek, what's the single?' I don't know! You know how you set out to do that commercial single? I don't know if we have that, but you're gonna love the music. Hov and Ye did a joint and I love them both, but our joint is more for the hood."

The duo also discuss how their musical history factors into the new collective album. "It's chemistry," says Ghostface. "I feed off it. When he send me the joint and he's up there, it's like, "Okay, now I gotta go head and dip and try to see where I'm going to fit in. The love is there. I see them like brothers around my way. They could've been Wu. I could've been in the block."

Asked about what current rappers the pair are feeling, Sheek mentions J. Cole and Uncle Murda, but Ghost gets slightly more personal. Iron Man gave his thoughts on Queens rapper Action Bronson, who has earned more than a few vocal comparisions to the Wu vet.

"I heard some stuff from him. He's dope," says Ghost. "He don't look like the way he sound. But he got lines, though. His vocals sound like my vocals, but he's not doing it on purpose. He cool, though."

Check out the full interview above.