Grizzly Bear: Jay-Z & Beyonce Attending Our Show Was A "Surreal Honor"

Before Grizzly Bear enveloped Radio City Music Hall in their psychedelic indie rock on Monday night as part of Fuse Music Week, we caught up with the band and found out a surprising tidbit about their pre-show soundcheck. Namely that it involves the music of a very famous R&B star who attended their 2009 waterfront concert in Brooklyn. 

"It was very surreal, a real honor that [Beyonce and Jay-Z] came to that show," co-lead vocalist/guitarist Daniel Rossen tells Fuse's Yasmine Richard. "We got to meet them afterward," drummer Chris Bear says. "They're very lovely, down-to-earth people. We're big fans of their music as well."

So much, in fact, that Bear reveals they use one of Bey's B'Day tracks to warm up their sound equipment. "Our sound guy, he plays 'Kitty Cat' just to test the system."

"Lil Wayne's 'A Milli' and Beyonce are our test songs," Rossen says. Who knew?

Check out the video above for their full thoughts on their famous fans. And to hear about Grizzly Bear's upcoming "Yet Again" video (which they say involves "a disgruntled teen who falls through the ice and goes through a mental breakdown"), check out our other interview with the band at Radio City. 

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