September 26, 2012


Joey Ramone Video Stars Anthony Bourdain, Matt and Kim & Andrew WK

Late Ramones singer Joey Ramone may not be with us anymore, but musicians from all genres continue to mine his music and spirit as an inspiration for their own work. In the singer's posthumously released new video for "New York City," Andrew WK, Les Savy Fav, Tommy Ramone, Anthony Bourdain, Matt & Kim and comedian Kristin Schall all don Ramone's trademark leather jacket and sunglasses in a stop-motion homage to the punk pioneer.  

"The Ramones helped make it possible for bands that love what they're doing to get respected and appreciated despite lack of traditional training or doing it by a rule book," Matt & Kim tell Fuse. "No one is trying to 'play' Joey. Everyone got to be themselves. It’s exactly what Joey and the Ramones always stood for."

Directed by Greg Jardin, the man behind Kina Grannis' breakout jellybean-themed video "In Your Arms," the "New York City" video is composed of more than 1,600 photos throughout various NYC locations.

Asked their favorite part of the video, Matt & Kim were typically direct. "The shock on passerbys' faces when Matt was heading straight towards my vagina!," Kim says. "The director kept saying stomach, but I know where Matt was heading."

Check out the full video above.