September 21, 2012


Two Kids Jumping on an Ugly Ass Bed

Off Beat host, Mike E. Winfield, gives you his weekly video dissection.

Little Bieber is clearly dressed for success wearing a button-up with a sleeveless sweater and sweatpants. His sister, on the other hand, is dressed for jumping. He's dressed for the Democratic National Convention and 24 Hour Fitness.

I bet you this began with more kids who are now in body casts. By the looks of all that junk, the only place to jump, was the bed. If you look really close, you can see other kids trapped under the debris. That sure is an ugly comforter.

At this point, you've probably watched it three times, and noticed how junky that room is. He didn't even fall. His mom probably told him to clean the room, and he said, "Hell naw!" then tried to jump.

It's messed up that we're laughing at this kid who could have broke his spine and we don't even give a sh-t. We were just like, "That's funny." We don't care what we laugh at nowadays. Funny is funny.

We are heartless beings who love to laugh. We don't really care if the kid is okay after the fall. We hope he is, but if someone says, "You know that one kid? With the sweater vest and sweat pants? You know, he was jumping with his sister on that ugly ass comforter? Yes, him. Now he's paralyzed." You would respond with, "Damnnn! Stuff is crazy. Hungry?"

Did Mike E. nail it? What's your take on the video? Hit us up in the comments.