September 26, 2012


Lady Gaga's Manager & Tamar Braxton Defend Gaga's Weight Gain

Lady Gaga's manager Vincent Herbert—alongside his wife, R&B singer Tamar Braxton—are keeping it real in the face of finger-pointers who have mocked the international pop star for her recent weight gain.

"She's a monster for real because I would never tell anybody how much weight I gained," Braxton (yes, the younger sister of Toni) says about the lb. increase that led Gaga to open up about bulimia on her website. "I just think to everybody else now she's this huge chick because she was very, very frail at first. But 25 pounds to someone who was frail… That's what? 130 pounds?"

When asked if Gaga—whom Herbert counts as a friend—will appear on their upcoming WEtv reality series Tamar & Vince, her manager remains mum. Fortunately, his wife steps in to spill the beans: "I'm gonna give it away. I won't say she's talking on the show, but we do show her new concert, which is absolutely amazing. I had to rethink my artistry [after seeing it]."

To hear Herbert address Akon's claim of discovering Gaga, watch the full interview above.