September 26, 2012


Watch: Gotye Talks YouTube "Likes" & Future Collaborations

Fuse's Yasmine Richard sat down with Gotye before the “Somebody That I Used to Know” singer’s set at Radio City Music Hall Wednesday night as part of Fuse Music Week. The two discussed "likes" on YouTube, Gotye possibly working with rapper Mac Miller and the Belgian-Australian multi-instrumentalist's next single.

On having the third most "liked" video of all-time on YouTube: Well, they like the guy with the face paint on. Or maybe they don’t. Maybe they like to hate him. But who really likes things like that on Facebook or YouTube? "Likes" are such a cursory thing. Maybe it’s a bigger deal to people who are younger than I am, but I’ve never "liked" anything. I’ve just actually liked it and told my friends about it. So I don’t put any sort of stock in it. I just don’t get it, I guess. I’m actually more interested in people who click "Dislike."

On reading YouTube comments: I think it’s natural for everyone to have an initial personal reaction, to have your ego stroked or beaten by a comment. But very quickly you realize you can’t generalize about the detritus of commentary.

On maybe working with Mac Miller: I met him for less than a minute in Osaka, Japan and on the red carpet of the MTV Video Awards. Seems like a nice guy. I actually haven’t heard any of his music. So if we’re working on something, Mac, it’s news to me. 

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