September 19, 2012


Watch: Tame Impala's Psychedelic New Video for "Elephant"

Australian outfit Tame Impala, the brainchild of frontman Kevin Parker, play ear-swirling, dream-inducing psychedelic rock from the cosmos (Houston, we have liftoff) that blasts from tall Orange speakers, like the offspring of brain-bent '60s bands like the Zombies, Jimi Hendrix or Tommy James. Now lay back on that bean bag, bros and bras, and just imagine the visuals: acid-drenched neons, floating in a life-sized lava lamp, all warm and fuzzy and... yeah. Which is essentially the band's just-released music video for "Elephant" from their oh-so-awesome (oh, I've heard it) upcoming album, Lonerism, out stateside October 9. Watch above. Dig.

The band, which ranks members of another of my favorite groups, Pond, among their lineup, are currently on the road in support of Lonerism. They circle back to the U.S. this November. Do. Not. Miss. Their. Show. I'm pleading with you. Theirs was the best at Coachella 2011. They slayed at a pre-album gig in Brooklyn earlier this summer. I repeat: Do. Not. Miss. Check out the dates right now, actually. And I repeat: Dig! Oh! And while you wait, check out this awesome remix of "Elephant," courtesy of Todd Rundgren himself.