October 8, 2012


Arcade Fire Play Unreleased Song "Crucified Again" in New York

After taking a detour to The Suburbs on their last album, Arcade Fire are returning to Neon Bible territory with this live version of an unreleased song, "Crucified Again."

A subdued, string-heavy ballad about being "crucified again and again and again," the Canadian collective broke out this new track at the 25th anniversary celebration of Partners In Health, a charity organization that the band has worked in tandem with for a few years ($1 of every Arcade Fire ticket goes toward those still recovering from the 2010 earthquake in Haiti).

Whether this new tune means Arcade Fire have a fourth album in the works remains to be seen, but all signs point to a very definite "probably." Just a month ago, James Murphy hinted as much when asked if he were producing a theoretical new "AF record." And if we're going by history, Arcade Fire produce a new album every three years on the mark—so 2013 is looking pretty damn good for those of us waiting for Win Butler to serve up another LP.