October 24, 2012


Crate Diggers: Just Blaze on Buying 8,000 Records at a Time

For our latest episode of Crate Diggers, we head up to Just Blaze's New York studio to talk to the super-producer/DJ about his record collection, DJing with vinyl and buying thousands of records at a time.

The man behind Jay-Z's "Public Service Announcement," Kanye West's "Touch the Sky" and hundreds more reveals his early shoplifting adventures at age 2 and details his lifelong obsession with music. Despite a "storage incident" that destroyed many of his hip hop and house music records, Just still maintains a collection of 30,000 records at his studio and home. “My living room is more a record room at this point," admits the producer. "It’s just a giant mass of boxes.”

Check out the video above to hear Just discuss learning DJing routines from fellow Crate Digger DJ Jazzy Jeff, saving a quarter a week to buy Run-D.M.C.'s first album and showing the record Aaliyah was going to use before her tragic 2001 plane crash.