October 23, 2012


Guns N' Roses Perform Saddest Version of "Welcome to the Jungle" in History of Music

Okay, let's get to the good stuff first: Guns N' Roses agreed to perform at Neil Young's annual Bridge School Benefit for physically disabled children and not only performed seven songs but showed up on time and seemingly coherent. (Check out our Photo Gallery featuring Jack White, Eddie Vedder and the Flaming Lips.)

Still, the kids probably deserved more than the worst version ever recorded in 25 years. But I can hear your cynical tone. "I've seen drunken cover bands, college a cappella groups and barking dog symphonies all perform the seminal hard rock song." See for yourself.

It's hard to enumerate all the musical crimes above, but here's the biggest one: If you must go acoustic on a song seared into the collective consciousness with an electric guitar, don't try to rock out like it's amped up to 11.

But yeah, let's think about the kids and just pretend this train wreck never existed.