October 16, 2012


Lady Gaga for President? Comedy Duo Hillywood Vote Yay

The sisters behind the comedy duo Hillywood, Hilly and Hannah Hindi, are known for their hilarious YouTube parodies of Harry Potter and Twilight. But during this election year, they felt it necessary to voice their opinion on who they're voting for: Lady Gaga.

Okay, not really, but given Hilly's uncanny resemblance to the "Born This Way" singer, it'd be a tragedy if these two didn't make a parody about Gaga and her little monsters taking over the White House. Set to Gaga's "Government Hooker," in their "President Gaga" sketch, we see Lady Gaga kicking President Obama out and making the Oval Office her own private dance studio. Check out the video here

We talked to Hilly and Hannah about "President Gaga," and they gave us all the behind-the-scenes dirt, including the brilliance of watching a President Obama impersonator dancing to Lady Gaga's music. Watch their interview above, and check out the Hillywood YouTube channel.