October 10, 2012


Tour Stories: Miike Snow Once Played for 7-Year-Olds in a Public Library

Fuse caught up with Swedish indie pop band Miike Snow for an interview about their most notable tour stories. Among other things, they discuss the strangest venue they've played in, their biggest tour mishap and how they kill time on tour. Here are some highlights. 

On their strangest tour location: "We played a public library in England," singer Andrew Wyatt tells us. "There were a lot of teachers and seven-year-olds."

On the biggest tour mishap: "The power went out in L.A.," says Wyatt. "We got it to come back on but we lost all of our samples. I actually went out in the audience and shook hands with the fans to apologize."

For more, including frank discussions about snoring and how they kill time on the road, check out the full interview above.