October 25, 2012


Johnny Rotten on 'Katy Perry: Part of Me': "I Preferred 'Prometheus' and I Hated That Film"

When Public Image Ltd. and former Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten (né John Lydon) came by the Fuse studio to discuss This is PiL, the band's first album in 20 years, we couldn't let Lydon leave without getting his take on one of today's biggest pop stars. So we fired up Katy Perry: Part of Me and let Johnny be Johnny.

"There’s an innocence in Katy, isn’t there?," says Rotten. "The outfits are there, but they’re not overtly sexual. They’re candy-flossy. And she shaves her armpits, which gets me interested in other areas."

After expressing sympathy for Perry because "her dad's a nutter," Rotten explicates the difference between the story and the music. "Everybody’s got a story to tell and that’s interesting," says Rotten. "But. I. Don’t. Like. Them. Songs. And for me, they’re getting in the way of an interesting human being."

Check out the video for Rotten's full, incomparable review.