October 25, 2012


Johnny Rotten Promises More Public Image Ltd. Albums "At a Far Quicker Pace"

Although 20 years passed between This is PiL and the previous album from John Lydon's pioneering post-punk group Public Image Ltd., the former Mr. Rotten tells Fuse that's going to change in the near future.

"Now that's we've set up PiL on our own label and in our own way, we will be releasing at a far quicker pace and far more enjoyably," he says. "[Major labels] financially burden you. I've never been one for the limos and fast cars, but six of one, half a dozen of the other, they all find a way of keeping you bankrupt."

Lydon describes his emotional state over the last two decades using characteristically blunt terms [not unlike the ones he used when dissecting Katy Perry's documentary and "nutter" dad for us]. "I was stifled by record contracts and commitments. They kept me in a state of constant death and I found no financial way out of that. For 20 years almost I found no way of making music which was almost soul-destroying. Because there are only two things I've found I'm good at in my whole life: One is writing songs and performing them."

The former Sex Pistols frontman also tells us how he avoided the pitfalls that befell many of his punk compatriots. "I had to learn patience and resilience and not end up like many of my peers, like some silly drug addict or alcoholic." For more about that, watch the full interview above.