October 11, 2012


Jonas Brothers on Psy, One Direction, New Single

Tonight's the night. Nick, Joe and Kevin will play Radio City Music Hall for one night only (see photos from the Jonas reunion show here) as the trio launch a full-on comeback that includes working on a new album. Putting aside their various side projects, the brothers sat down with Fuse to talk about their new sound, Psy, One Direction and what could possibly be their first single.

Did Kevin’s Reality Show Married To Jonas Reveal “Meet You in Paris” As Their New Single?
Nick: While it catches reality, it also catches the process of recording an album and writing an album. That was the beginning stages of making the record and it has evolved a lot since then. We’re proud of all the music we make, but whether or not that’ll be released is up for debate. But it’s good they can capture the process. I can’t confirm that any song at this moment will be on the album because it’s still all coming together.

Older, Better, Wiser. Joe Talks About Their Reunion
It’s a lot different. There are things that are similar. Playing new music and getting on the stage again feels a little more relaxed than it’s been before. When we’d perform we had a lot of stage gags, big lifts and we’ve toned it all back and said, "Let’s just do a few things and make it more about the music." And the fact that we play instruments kind of changes things; makes us stay in one place instead of running around the stage.

On The New Sound
Joe: Musically, we wanted to listen to different styles we’ve always loved and put that into our music. So we’ve been able to find inspirations from different records or even lyric stuff we’ve been able to go through and write about for this new album.

Nick: We really are now in control of our destiny and what happens next to us musically has come a long way when we realize it’s all in our hands to decide. Not that we weren’t writing the music before, but now we’re producing and writing it all ourselves so it’s really happening and we can choose how we want to release it. It’s incredibly freeing to present the song the way you want to present it the right way.

On Psy and K-Pop
Nick: We met him and he wants to have a drink with us.

Joe: There’s a lot of people that have opened the door. We’re close with [Korean K-Pop label] JYP and with his group the Wonder Girls. I think K-Pop is awesome.

On One Direction
Nick: When we came out people were telling us that New Kids on the Block were being asked about us. They said basically when we were young we were just doing our thing so I think that applies to One Direction. From what I hear they are really nice guys. I like the song “What Makes You Beautiful “ is a really great pop song and I’m happy for them.

Check out photos from the Jonas Brothers' reunion show at Radio City Music Hall in NYC.