October 26, 2012


K-Pop Group Exo-M Reveal Full Debut Album, Talk U.S. Fans

When Fuse headed to KCON'12 to see what's new in the K-pop world, we spent some time with Exo-M and learned the Chinese-South Korean sextet is plotting their full debut album.

"At this point actually we're getting ready for the first album," Kris reveals. Just earlier this year, the group dropped their MAMA EP, which has already earned them scores of American fans.

"We didn’t expect this many fans to come out," Kris says. "They're all so loving and so supportive and it means a lot to us. Even though it's only our second time in the States, we appreciate receiving this much love and support. We love them, they love us—it's great."

To hear which American artists Exo-M cite as musical influences, from Bruno Mars to Justin Timberlake, watch the full clip above. And check out our G.NA interview at KCON, where she talks about being a Canadian-born K-pop star.