October 25, 2012


K-Pop Star G.NA Talks Western Upbringing & Songwriting Process

At KCON 2012, a Los Angeles-based K-pop convention, Fuse caught up with K-Pop star G.NA. The Canadian-born singer opened up to us about her Western background, her career in Korea and her songwriting process.

On Her Westernized Upbrining: "I was born and raised in Canada. My background is completely westernized but my roots are definitely Korean. I think that's why I decided to start my career in Korea." 

On the Music Industry in South Korea: "The system is a little different than in the United States for sure.  Just going step by step and learning a little bit about the music and the industry and about my culture and my background. I think that helped me grow as a person as well. We're trying to branch out to other countries. I wanted to try in Korea more than anything."

On Life Outside of Music: "I've done a lot of endorsements. Whatever opportunities come my way, I want to grab. But for me, music is my one and only passion. It always has been.That hasn't changed since I started."

On her Songwriting Process: "I have always had a passion to write music. I can't play any instruments but melody wise and with lyrics, I come up with those.  I'm trying to write more and in Korean." 

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