Kid Rock Says Performing at RNC Was "Not the Coolest Gig"

As you might've guessed from someone who performed at the Republican National Convention, Kid Rock is casting his vote for Mitt Romney come November. "Yes, I'm probably going to vote for Mitt Romney this year and that's where my viewpoints lie. And if you're not, that's cool man," the model lover tells Fuse. "I tend to lean more Republican, I think that's out there to know."

Despite throwing his vote toward Romney, Rock acknowledges that the GOP convention isn't the slickest gig to score. "It's not the coolest gig in the world, let's be honest. It’s funny to see Kid Rock playing some of the racier songs, to see Republican Bible-thumper types listening to me especially with some of my foul language songs."

Mr. Rock tells us why he's voting Republican this election: The direction this country is heading is frightening him. "The American Dream does exist but it's getting to a scary place with so much political correctness. We've established who we are as a country after a few hundred years and at some point you have to say, okay, this is what our values are. You can't come over here and say we're not going to pledge allegiance to a nation under one God, because somebody has a problem with it now… or some screw-off attorney somewhere wants to prove a point," he says, laughing. "It's one of the values this country is founded on and it seems people are trying to push them out the door. That's not going to go over well. That's how revolutions start. "

For Rock's full thoughts on God and Republicans, Romney and his new single "Let's Ride"—"I wanted to make an anthem for the troops," he says—watch the interview above.