October 18, 2012


Kingsfoil Talk About New Drummer Frankie Muniz

For many bands, having a famous actor as a member is the kiss of death. For others, namely 30 Seconds to Mars, it can be an advantage, or at least a non-issue. Pennsylvania rockers Kingsfoil, who added Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz as a drummer in April, definitely fall into the latter category. In a recent interview with Fuse, Kingsfoil open up about Muniz joining the band, their new video and how they celebrated the recent release of their new album, A Beating Heart Is a Bleeding Heart.

For Muniz, joining the band was a natural fit, but it still had its stresses: "I was in a band before Kingsfoil," Muniz tells us. "We had the same manager. And I was a huge fan of [Kingsfoil]. My band dissolved right when they were looking for a new drummer. It was good timing, sort of like the perfect storm. I flew in and auditioned. I've never been so nervous or wanted something as much as I wanted to be in this band. I was a little scared, but I did it and here I am."

The former TV star is also well aware of what people think when a famous actor attempts a music career. "There's that pre-conceived actor/band type of thing," he says. "I'm an actor, yes, but I have that same [prejudice]. When I hear whoever is in a band, I think, 'Oh, great.' I want it to [sound] bad. But when the band isn't bad, I'm surprised. I love it when people come to [Kingsfoil] shows and say, 'We thought it would be funny, but now you guys are like my favorite band.' That's the best reaction, winning them over like that."

Muniz also directed the band's recent video for "What Your Mother Taught You." The video shoot went smoothly, despite a run-in with cranky neighbors. "We started at 7 PM, thinking we would only need a few hours," says Muniz. "But we were still filming at 5 AM. I would've liked to keep going for several more hours but the neighbors started yelling, 'When is this going to stop!?'"

"Fortunately there were no cops," Muniz jokes.  "We're proud of how the video turned out."

For more, check out the full interview above, and then watch the finished video for "What Your Mother Taught You" below.