October 12, 2012


Kiss Talk 20th Album 'Monster' and Advise Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber on Puking Onstage

Rock icons Kiss released Monster, their 20th (20th!) studio album, this week. Fuse caught up with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley at Sirius XM right before their Town Hall meeting, chatting about the making of the album and where they stand with modern music.

"When you're in the studio making an album and you're looking at a computer screen instead of at a bunch of guys playing music, you're making a science experiment," Stanley says. "What we did is we played in a room together, we wrote the songs together, we did it on analog tape, the way all the greats that we loved made their music.

"It's in-your-face music," Gene Simmons simplifies. Stanley adds that it's about passion, not perfection.

The pair also go deep on the new songs "The Devil Is Me," "Back to the Stone Age" and "All for the Love of Rock & Roll," talking about the meanings and influences.

And of course we had to have the guys, well known for their debauchery across the decades, weigh in on Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber's recent onstage puking bouts. "Everybody should puke onstage, it's very rock and roll. I puke blood. They're just rippin' me off. It's been done before, kids."