October 19, 2012


Watch Missy Elliott Debate What to Name Her New Album

With Missy Elliott's long-delayed, still-untitled seventh album coming out at some point in the near future, Fuse sat down with the hip hop legend to talk about why she's reconsidering the LP's title.

"When it comes to the name of this album, I'm still trying to figure it out," Elliott says. "I did a UStream [with fans] and it was a toss-up between Block Party and Class Dismissed. Then somebody said, 'Class Dismissed sounds like class is over, while Class In Session sounds like we're taking people to school.' So they busted my brain and I'm sitting around thinking, 'Which one?' I gotta figure it out."

Speaking of the new album, Missy also told us she originally thought her long-time producer Timbaland was just tipsy when he asked her to get back into the studio and "change music." Fortunately for us, he wasn't, and that's why we're soon to be treated to this upcoming school lesson or block party.

We also asked Missy to look back on her classic debut from 1997, the Timbaland-produced Supa Dupa Fly. "I consider it a great album because everything about it, you hadn't heard before," Elliott recalls. "Even the rap flows were different. It was 10 years ahead, 15 years ahead.

"It's funny. We did that album in two weeks. I'm probably more in awe of it now than I was then. Then I was like, 'This is cute,' but now, years later, I'm realizing there are still no records like that album."

To hear Missy explain why Hype Williams' music video for "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" helped introduce her to the world as an entirely different type of rapper, watch the full interview above. And check out Misdemeanor and Timb debuting her two new singles right here.