October 24, 2012


The Raveonettes' New Video Gets Shocking & Creepy Twist Ending

Dreamy-druggy guitars, dark-eyeliner sex appeal and pop beauty and grit: Observator, the new album from garage rock duo the Raveonettes, is yet another solid effort from Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo (watch 'em live, too). "Curse the Night" is perhaps the creepiest, eeriest track from the LP, and the band just dropped a new video that's even more chilling than the track itself.

Here's the synopsis: Wagner and Foo, who years ago relocated to New York City and Los Angeles, respectively, returned home to their native Copenhagen to shoot the clip, which, honestly, is disturbingly awesome. Shot all in black-and-white, the clip shows two drummer boys marching the lonely streets, banging a youngster's call to arms. Soon a gang of Little Vikings are stalking the streets with baseball bats and guns and... well, let's just say they're damn rich now.

Storm/Hansen, the video's directors, explained the clip in-depth to Stereogum, but here are some highlights. 

"We limited ourselves out of necessity and decided to shoot mostly with available light and let that be a dogma throughout the video... we spent days scouting the city looking for the brightest streets. We found them in the more posh neighborhoods…

"We knew we wanted the ending to take place on this very iconic bridge in Copenhagen, so we had to make sure the streetlights were all working. Locking it off meant we couldn’t start shooting until after midnight and since we wanted to create the illusion of a deserted city, we shot mid-week when party people stayed home. We were still only allowed to block traffic 3-4 minutes at a time, so there was a lot of running on and off the bridge along with long periods of waiting while busses, cabs and cyclist crossed the bridge in intervals.

"We had very specific ideas about almost everything in the video. From props to costumes to casting. We saw about 50 children before we decided on our posse of seven. The kids (and their parents) were amazing. None of them had been up later than midnight before and now they all had to stay awake till 5 am – several school nights in a row. Fortunately they thought the whole thing was a blast and unlimited sodas and candy can create a lot of insane energy.

"We wrapped at 8am the last night and started editing right away... Despite the extreme conditions and total lack of sleep we’re very pleased with how the video turned out."

And the video's great. Check it out above. And, wait... unlimited sodas and candy? Child actors DO have it made.