Stone Sour's Corey Taylor Found Inspiration in a Lincoln Biography

After Fuse finished following Corey Taylor at New York Comic Con this past weekend, we sat down with the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman to talk about Stone Sour's new concept album The House of Gold & Bones, his comic book (also called The House of Gold & Bones) and Pink Floyd. The whole video's worth a watch but some highlights:

On the origin of The House of Gold & Bones: "I got it from a book called Team of Rivals, which is a book about the Lincoln administration. It was from a letter describing Lincoln's balance between melancholy and positivity . They described him as being made of gold and bones, and I was like, 'That's brilliant.' I love the visual of that."

On Gold & Bones's theme: "At its heart, it's a morality play. It's about choices. It's about decisions. It's about the journey to find out who you are in this life and who you want to be. That’s something we all go through."

For more about The House of Gold and Bones, including Pink Floyd's influence on the album, check out the full interview above.