October 25, 2012


The Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser Talks Long-Distance Recording & Frank Sinatra

One of the better rock bands of the past decade, The Walkmen released their seventh full-length album Heaven earlier this year. Fuse caught up with frontman Hamilton Leithauser before a recent concert in New York City. The distinctly voiced singer opened up about Heaven's recording process, his favorite Walkmen video and Frank Sinatra. Here are some highlights.

On recording their new album, Heaven: "This was the first record we wrote after we moved very far away from each other. When we first started out, we lived in Harlem. We had a recording studio. We were just sort of a group of guys that would get together on weeknights after work. Eventually we all moved away. So this is the first record where we really didn't see each other."

On the video for "Heaven": "That was [bassist] Walt [Martin's] idea. It was just a collection of all the old photos we had lying around. It was the idea that we'd been together for 10 years. That's my favorite video we've ever done."

On Frank Sinatra: "I read a biography of Frank Sinatra while I was working on my stuff and I listened to a lot of his music. It was something that was a lot on the brain when we were writing it. He's just one of my favorites. Reading his story, I ended up liking him, which is not easy because he's a really unlikable guy in a lot of ways. But he's actually really interesting.  He's got such a voice." 

Check out the full interview above!