October 4, 2012


Watch: School Children Revolt in Bloc Party's "Kettling" Video

The video for Bloc Party's heavy new single "Kettling," off the British post-punk band's new album Four, is a slow motion story of school recess gone mad. A group of uniform-wearing school children play the game British Bulldog, which looks like a more violent version of red rover. The game soon devolves into a bloody brawl, ensnaring a well-meaning teacher and providing a perfect visual match to the song's aggressive sound.

According to Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke, the song was inspired by the tumultuous global events of 2011. "There was so much going on in the world in 2011," Okereke said in a statement. "You couldn’t turn on the television without seeing pictures of people protesting or rioting or mass disarray. Of course those are quite frightening images. But there’s also something quite poetic about people standing up and saying they’ve had enough of something; that no, they will not take this anymore. That’s what the song was really about."

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