October 22, 2012


Watch: Metal Quintet Kamelot Premiere "Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)" Video

Not enough heavy, soul-crushing metal in your life these days? Good news! Fuse is excited to bring you the exclusive world premiere of Kamelot's new video, "Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)." The song is the debut single off the Florida power metal band's forthcoming album, Silverthorn, their first with new singer, Tommy Karevik. If fans were worried about the transition between frontmen, they shouldn't be; judging from the single and its epic video, Kamelot is as awesome as ever, if not more so.

The video, directed by Ivan Čolić and filmed in Belgrade, Serbia, tells the story of a young man's overwhelming anguish at the accidental death of his younger sister. The tragedy, told through a series of flashbacks, ends with the dissolution of man's family, leaving him alone to deal with the regret. 

Bleak sounding, sure, but with amazing visuals and such a soaring, anthemic tune, the video is thrilling and sure to have you looped in for repeat viewings.